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Volume 55 Number 3 August 2017


Fibonacci Conference and Caen Proceedings Announcements 194
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R. S. Melham
Closed Forms for Certain Fibonacci Type Sums That Involve Second Order Products
     Abstract | Full text

Charles K. Cook, Michael R. Bacon, and Rebecca A. Hillman
Higher Order Boustrophedon Transforms for Certain Well-Known Sequences
     Abstract | Full text

Lawrence Somer and Michal Křížek
On Moduli for Which Certain Second-Order Linear Recurrences Contain a Complete System of Residues Modulo m
     Abstract | Full text

R. S. Melham
Sums of Certain Products of Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers - Part III
     Abstract | Full text

Yifan Zhang and George Grossman
A Combinatorial Proof for the Generating Function of Powers of the Fibonacci Sequence
     Abstract | Full text

Henrik Eriksson and Markus Jonsson
Level Sizes of the Bulgarian Solitaire Game Tree
     Abstract | Full text

Minerva Catral, Pari L. Ford, Pamela E. Harris, Steven J. Miller, Dawn Nelson, Zhao Pan, and Huanzhong Xu
New Behavior in Legal Decompositions Arising from Non-Positive Linear Recurrences
     Abstract | Full text

Elementary Problems and Solutions
(Edited by Harris Kwong)
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Advanced Problems and Solutions
(Edited by Florian Luca)
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Paul Bruckman Prize 288
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